terms and conditions

Neuchâtel Super 8 Film Festival

One cartridge no editing Festival & Competition


Art. 1

The association SUPER8.NEUCH organises a one cartridge no editing super 8 film festival and competition. Public screening will take place on October 28, 2017.

Art. 2

The competition is open to all, with no age limit. Participants are invited to sign up by July 8, 2017, using the online form. Registration is only final once the registration fee has been paid.

Art. 3

Participation in the competition amounts to CHF 100.- (or 100 €). This amount includes the provision of a blank negative 15-meter cartridge and its development as well as a digital copy of the film. There is no refund, even partial, if the film is not filmed, or if it reaches us after the deadline.

Art. 4

All types of films (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, epic fable, etc.) can be presented. The subject is free. Films are exclusively shot in super 8 (black & white or colour) on film supplied by SUPER8.NEUCH. They will be projected at a speed of 18 or 24 frames per second. Their duration doesn’t exceed that of a 15-meter tape (2 min 40 or 3 min 20 depending on the speed). The sequences must be shot in the same order as they will appear on screen, no editing is allowed.

Art. 5

Films must be sent undeveloped to the festival organisers

Ens8ff, association SUPER8.NEUCH, Chemin du Châtelard 19, 2022 Bevaix, Suisse

Before September 8, 2017. A second (on-line) form will be sent at that time, where the participants will indicate the elements (synopsis, cast,…) which will be mentioned in the program.

Art. 6

The film can be projected with or without sound accompaniment (original soundtrack). This is the participant’s choice: recorded music or sounds, sound effects, live commentary or music. The original soundtrack must reach the organizers of the festival by October 8, at the latest, by mail (digital support) or by Internet transfer. We ask participants to use original music for the soundtrack or, if necessary, to obtain synchronization license from the authors or their rights holders.

Art. 7

The films will be screened for the first time the evening of the festival, without having been seen by their directors beforehand. The organisers will have quickly seen them. If a film was to have a problem or a serious technical defect, the author would be advised so that he could decide to withdraw it from the selection.

Art. 8

After the screening, prizes will be awarded to the films that have been preferred by the public on the one hand and by a jury of specialists on the other.

Art. 9

A souvenir DVD will be produced by the organisers and sent to each participant. They will also retain the original Super 8 reels of their film (the negative and positive copy).

Art. 10

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event if there are an insufficient amount of participants on the registration deadline. In this case, the persons already registered would be informed and the participation fees fully reimbursed.

Art. 11

Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Association Super8.Neuch, may 2017, Neuchâtel