2023 Rules

In-Camera Editing Film Competition
2023 RULES

*underlined = modified articles since the 2021 rules

Art. 1
The SUPER8.NEUCH association organizes a one cartridge in-camera editing film festival and competition. The public screening (world premiere) will take place on 21 October 2023 in Neuchâtel. The films will be screened in their original Super 8 format. The soundtrack may be pre-recorded or played live on stage.

IMPORTANT : In the event of special conditions (such as sanitary), which cause excessive restrictions (including displacement of persons, border crossing, gatherings, etc.), SUPER8.NEUCH may decide to postpone the projection of films to a later date. We will inform the participants immediately. The other terms of the competition, including the returning date of the films, will not be changed.

Art. 2
The contest is open to all, without age limit. Participants are invited to register from Friday, June 9, 2023 at noon (12h GMT + 2) via the online form. Attention the number of places is limited! Registration is only considered once the entry fee is paid (art.3).

Art. 3
The entry fee for the competition is CHF 100.- (or € 100). This amount includes the provision of one super 8 film cartridge (colour or black-and-white), development as well as a digital HD copy of the film. Vouchers won by the winners of the previous edition give right to free registration, but they do not guarantee an entry if the limit number of participants has already been reached. There is no refund, even partial, if the planned film is not shot, or if we receive it after the deadline (art 5).

ART. 4
All types of films (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, etc.) can be presented. The theme is free of choice. The title mention is not mandatory but recommended. Films are filmed exclusively in super 8, on films provided by the SUPER8.NEUCH association. They will be projected at a speed of 18 or 24 frames/second. Their duration does not exceed that of a 15 meter / 50 foot cartridge. Sequences must be filmed in order, no editing or any other intervention on the exposed film is allowed.

Note on duration: Pay attention to two things:
1. Do not rely on your chronometer, the speed of the cameras is very rarely accurate.
2. The length of the film is 15m which corresponds to approximately 3550 images (3min17 / 2min27). There is a loss of a few centimetres at the end of the film at the time of development. So it is necessary to provide a sufficient margin to not miss its end. Beyond 3min10 / 2min20 this becomes really perilous!

Art. 5
The films must be sent undeveloped before super8 September 2023 to the festival’s address:

ENS8FF, Association SUPER8.NEUCH, Chemin du Châtelard 19, 2022 Bevaix, Switzerland

We strongly recommend sending as recommended. The cost of this shipment is borne by the participants. For films returned to us from abroad, this deadline is advanced to 4 September 2023. On the customs declaration, the declared price must not exceed CHF/EUR 20 per film.

Art. 6
An online form for the film data (title, speed, duration, type of sound accompaniment, casting, credits, etc.) will need to be completed and returned at the same time (super8 September 2023).

Art. 7
We ask participants to prepare a soundtrack of their choice for their film (music, noise, comments, etc…). If this accompaniment is recorded, it will have to be sent to us in a digital format (.wav) before the super8 October 2023. Participants who use music must ensure that it is original and free of rights. If necessary, the necessary steps with the authors or their rights holders will have been taken (unrecommended, can be very long and very expensive). Participants can also opt for a live performance (to be agreed with the organizers, for instruments/hardware installation time issues). A trial session will need to be arranged on the afternoon of the event.

Art. 8
Attention: The audience in Neuchâtel is mostly French-speaking. Movies with a lot of text in another language may pose problems of understanding. A subtitling solution exists. The translation must be done by the participants and the file containing the subtitles needs to be sent at the same time as the sound. Contact the organizers as soon as possible if this solution is considered.

Art. 9
Only the festival organizers can watch the films before the world premiere. If a film is problematic, or if it has a serious technical defect, the organizers may decide to remove it from the selection, after consultation with its author.

Art. 10
The films will have a world premiere in Neuchâtel on the evening of 21 October 2023. There will be no online broadcast. On this occasion the audience, but also the participants, will discover films that have never been seen by a human eye (except for those of the organizers). At the end of the projection, prizes will be awarded by the audience and a jury of experts.

Art. 11
The organizing association is very keen to ensure that participants can be present at the grand world premiere. If certain people live far from Neuchâtel (and return by train at night is impossible), there is a solution for accommodation (free or at very low prices, depending on demand) in a *** hotel near by. On the other hand, the travel costs are borne by the participants.

Art. 12
Participants authorize the festival organizers to make free use of still images and short excerpts of their film, as well as the title and author’s name (or pseudonym) they have communicated. This content may appear on the festival website, be published in the press and social media, but only to ensure the promotion of the festival.

Art. 13
The association SUPER8.NEUCH commits itself to to use the data transmitted by the participants (names, addresses, phone numbers, emails) only for organizational needs, and not to transmit them to any third parties.

Art. 14
The entire film material, film and HD digital copy (scanned and sounded) are returned to the participants. The film coils remain, however, at the disposal of the SUPER8.NEUCH association for a period of two years from the date of the festival, so that it can, if necessary, present them at other events or festivals.

Art. 15
Cases not provided for by the present rules will be settled by the Association SUPER8.NEUCH with all the delicacy that is known to it.

Art. 16
Participation in the Contest implies acceptance of the conditions of this Regulation.

Association SUPER8.NEUCH, in April 2023, Neuchâtel.