2019 Rules

Neuchâtel Super 8 Film Festival
In-Camera Editing Contest
2019 Entry Details & Rules

Art. 1
The association SUPER8.NEUCH organizes a Super 8 in-camera editing short film festival and contest. The public screening (world premiere) takes place on November 2, 2019, in Neuchâtel.

Art. 2
The contest is open to all, regardless of age. Participants are invited to register as of the super-8 of June, 2019, using the online form. The number of places is limited. Registration is effective once the entry fee is paid (art. 3).

Art. 3
The entry fee to the contest is CHF 100.- (or € 100.-). This amount includes the supply of a blank Super 8 cartridge (colour or black & white), development, a Super 8 positive copy as well as a digital HD copy of the film.
The 7 first registered participants will receive a 30% discount.
Invitations won by last years’ winners entitle them to free admission, but does not guarantee registration if the limit number of participants has been reached.
There is no refund, even partial, if the planned film is not shot, or if it reaches us after the deadline (art. 5).

Art. 4
Films of any genre can be presented: fictional, documentaries, animation, experimental, etc.
The theme is free. The films are shot exclusively with a Super 8 camera on films provided by the association SUPER8.NEUCH. They will be projected at 18 or 24 fps. Their duration does not exceed that of a 50 ft. cartridge (3min 20s or 2min 40s according to the speed). Scenes are shot in story order, no editing or other interventions on the exposed film are allowed.

Art. 5
The films must be sent undeveloped before the super-8th of September 2019 to the festival’s address:

association SUPER8.NEUCH
Chemin du Châtelard 19
2022 Bevaix, Suisse

Art. 6
Participants will receive a second online form for information to appear on the programme (title, duration, type of soundtrack, casting, credits, etc.).

Art. 7
We ask participants to prepare an original soundtrack of their choice for their film (music, sound effects, etc.). If it’s recorded, the soundtrack must be sent in a digital format (.wav) before the super-8th of October 2019. Participants can also opt for a live performance (to be agreed with the organizers for logistical reasons). Participants who use music must ensure it is original and royalty-free. If need be, the necessary steps will have been made with the authors or rights holders (not recommended, it can be very long and very expensive).

Art. 8
The films will be screened in a world premiere on the evening of November 2, 2019, in Neuchâtel. The participants will see them for the first time, but they will have been previewed by the organizers. If a film were to present a problem or a serious technical defect, its author would be notified so that she/he could decide to remove it from selection.

Art. 9
After the screening, prizes will be awarded to films voted for by the public and by a jury of specialists.

Art. 10
Participants allow the organizers to make free use of still images and short excerpts of their film, as well as the title and the author name (or nickname) that they have given. This content may appear on the festival website, be published in the press and social media, but only to promote the festival.

Art. 11
The association SUPER8.NEUCH will only use the information transmitted by participants (names, addresses, telephone numbers & emails) for the organization of the festival and will not transmit them to third parties whoever they are.

Art. 12
All the film material, the negative film, the positive copy as well as the digital HD copy (scanned with the soundtrack) belongs to the participants. However, the reels of positive film remain available to the association for a period of one year from the date of the festival so they can be presented, if necessary, at other events or festivals.

Art. 13
Cases not provided for by the present regulations will be decided by the association SUPER8.NEUCH with all the necessary delicacy.

Art. 14
Participation in the contest implies acceptance of all the terms above.

Association SUPER8.NEUCH, in May 2019